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Centida Improved Management Reporting With Power BI

by | Nov 1, 2019 | Articles

Centida experts have successfully helped a number of customers from a variety of industries, including telecommunications, IT, banking, logistics, retail, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing. Companies approach Centida consultants for the combination of their hands-on experience and deep theoretical knowledge in the areas of finance and management.

When a global strategic procurement company needed help with improving its management reporting process in the controlling department, Centida came in with a successful long-term solution.


The client company had challenges within its controlling department, which spent a significant amount of time and effort manually preparing monthly reports to management. Every time executives needed to see management reports, the controlling department had to gather all the data, stored in Excel and PowerPoint, and analyze the reports for each individual request.

Usually, controlling is the largest and one of the most important areas in finance. Since controlling supports planning, budgeting, cost control and other financial areas, having an effective controlling department is the essential part of success in any company.


First things first, Centida experts analyzed the situation in the department – they reviewed existing reports, all the business requirements and processes, looked into IT infrastructure and source files.

Out of all the Business Intelligence (BI) solutions suited for management reporting, such as Tableau and Qlik Sense, the client had chosen Microsoft Power BI as the best, most flexible and cost-effective solution to solve the company’s challenges. Centida supported vendors selection process with a competitive analysis of the BI market.

Upon choosing the right BI tool and analyzing the requirements, Centida consultants built a Power BI data model that reflected the company’s controlling needs.

The experts also took into consideration past and present data from several sources and restructured the information in such a way that could be compared in different ways, time and various dimensions. This resulted in the creation of the data model as a “single source of truth” for all the financial controlling requirements within the company.

Following the completion of the above-mentioned steps, Centida provided numerous in-house trainings on the use of Power BI and new reporting processes for company staff. As a result, everyone in the controlling department learned how to use Power BI as a self-service tool and create business reports as needed.


Upon the successful integration of the new Power BI-based solution and completion of trainings, employees of the client company started to use the new tools to perform their duties better and faster. Within 6-months most standard reports, previously prepared in Excel and PowerPoint, had been replaced by Power BI reports with no manual efforts involved.

As a result, the client was very satisfied by the level of service and expertise Centida consultants provided. As the old proverb goes – give a man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you’ll feed him for life. Likewise, Centida provides long-term solutions to its clients, making sure their success has a lasting, positive impact.

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