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Management and data consulting for finance

Improve Finance and controlling with better planning and reporting
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If you struggle with…

  • Being asked to Do More, with Less
  • Slow, manual Planning and Reporting
  • Lack of Clarity in Management Reports
  • Inefficient Technology and Processes
  • Unsure Where to Start to make improvements

You can optimize instead…


Transition from manual Excel spreadsheets to streamlined, timely reporting processes with advanced tools

Business Intelligence

Adopt modern Business Intelligence to focus on problem-solving, not just data chasing and number crunching


Automate business-critical planning elements for more efficient cross-functional communication


Enable your teams in the latest data and digital tools to improve skills, adoption and decision making  

Choose Services Right for You

Strategic Consulting

We specialize in reporting, planning, data systems and processes. From strategy to solution implementation and daily operations, we provide comprehensive support across your journey. 

Technology & Implementation

Our technical services ensure swift transformation. With our deep operational plus technical expertise, we integrate solutions seamlessly, avoiding disruption and accelerating project deployment.

Maintenance & Partnership

We  help you to maintain system, process, and organizational change through analytics-driven solutions. Our proficiency in innovation promotes lasting, sustainable transformations.

What Clients Say

We relied on Centida for our digital journey in our finance and performance functions. Thanks to their expertise and pro-active guidance, we achieved amazing results far above our initial expectations. They have guided us in the right direction and provided us with the necessary training, advice, and support.

Mathieu Chauchat

VP Finance, BuyIn

Centida helped out as a subject matter expert and provided very specific knowledge assets to breakdown ROCE in a manner so that a network planning engineer would understand his contribution to the overall value of the company. This has been done, like always expected and delivered from Centida, in quality, in time, in the budget, and a very professional manner. We’re looking forward to future collaborations together.

Patrick Braunschweig, FCCA

Managing Director, Horváth & Partners Middle East

Centida supported us in setting up a key performance metrics reporting for our new Mobility-As-a-Service platform “goodride”. Motivation, interaction and knowledge of the Centida team was great and highly recommendable.

Carsten Schröder

Executive, Telekom MobilitySolutions / Deutsche Telekom AG

Some of the Technology Tools We Use

Leading self-service Business Intelligence from Microsoft

  • #1 BI product according to Gartner
  • Available in cloud, on-premises, or hybrid
  • Unprecedented performance at highly competitive prices

Planning and Write-back in  Power BI

  • Makes Power BI a two-way street, analysis + data entry
  • Flexible for many scenarios (Sales Planning, Forecasting, Demand Planning…)
  • Adheres to extensive global security and compliance rules
DeFacto Global logo

deFacto Power Planning – a 100% Microsoft-based Financial and Operational Planning solution

  • A fully integrated Corporate Performance Managemen
  • Unified platform Integrated into Excel and Power BI
  • Provides unprecedented flexibility and ease of use for business users

Articles & Educational Content

We focus on what matters to you in the operational day-to-day reality of finance & controlling departments.

We understand what’s important in this business, because of extensive experience in both management consulting and leading line management roles in global companies just like yours.

See our articles and videos to learn how you can take advantage of recent technology and process advancements for your organization.

Data Analytics is Shaping Gartner Top Technology Trends

Gartner’s top technology trends for 2024 emphasize the critical role of data analytics and data engineering in driving innovation. This article explores these trends, highlighting their impact on various industries and how Centida’s comprehensive data services align with these emerging technologies to enhance decision-making and sustainable success.

Financial Management: Understanding Reporting, Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

In the realm of finance and business management, four key processes are crucial for ensuring organizational success: reporting, planning, budgeting, and forecasting. This article explores each process’s role, focus, and management, and how tools like Aimplan and Power BI can enhance their efficiency and reliability.

Centida Partners with Aimplan to Improve Planning in Power BI

Centida announces a new partnership with Aimplan, a Swedish software company specializing in planning and forecasting solutions. Aimplan enhances Power BI with writeback capabilities, creating an integrated tool for reporting, planning, budgeting, and forecasting. Discover how this collaboration can improve your financial and operational processes.

Enhancing Procurement Analytics with Power BI and Writeback

Traditional tools like Excel are no longer sufficient for modern procurement. Discover how Power BI with writeback capabilities can enhance data management, reporting, and decision-making in procurement.

ESG Certification: The Critical Role of Data Consultants

Delve into the pivotal role of analytics consultants in ESG certification. Discover how their expertise in data management and reporting provides crucial support for businesses aiming to meet rigorous ESG standards effectively and efficiently.

Navigating the Digital Age: Why Data Literacy is Key for Business Success

In the ever-evolving digital economy, data literacy business skills are crucial for organizations aiming to thrive. This article discusses the importance of data literacy in modern businesses.

Choosing the Right BI Tool: Comparison of Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, and Looker

Dive into our comprehensive comparison of Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, and Looker. Uncover key differences in capabilities, pricing, and user experience to help you choose the right BI tool for your organization’s needs.

Customer Success Story: Lechler

Lechler partners with Centida to harness Power BI’s potential, dramatically enhancing their planning processes and operational efficiency, leading to remarkable growth and customer value.

Unlocking Data Insights with Copilot in Microsoft Fabric

Discover how Copilot in Microsoft Fabric revolutionizes data analysis. With intelligent code suggestions, streamlined workflows, and enhanced collaboration, Copilot empowers analysts to unlock data insights effectively.

Write-back to Microsoft Fabric OneLake

Explore two effective strategies for implementing write-back to Microsoft Fabric’s OneLake: leveraging Power Automate and using a transitional database approach for for real-time data updates.

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