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Centida Helped Telecom Giant to Reduce Data Processing Time

by | Oct 29, 2019 | Articles

Centida has successfully worked with a number of customers from a variety of industries, including telecommunications, IT, banking, logistics, retail, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing. All of these companies approached Centida for the combination of its hands-on experience and deep theoretical knowledge in the areas of finance and management.

This particular story tells how Centida successfully helped one of its clients, a large global telecommunications company, let’s call it the Company X, to improve its reporting system by providing a series of effective solutions.


The Company X’s business performance and analysis department has a corporate cost and reporting system, which covers a large part of the business and contributes to its internal decision-making processes.

While using hundreds of corporate sources, the system operates under extremely tight reporting timelines. The reporting system had to reflect all the changes and transactions within the Company X on time and error-free. The task was getting incredibly challenging as the amount of complex data was growing due to the expansion of the company’s business and the data started to be used to take real business decisions.


The first solution was to support the run of the company’s costing system to monitor the costs incurred by certain legal entities at a product / service and customer level.

Simultaneously, Centida experts developed processes and tools optimization techniques that helped to reduce the processing times of some data inputs as much as 20 times.

Secondly, Centida provided support to the company’s IT infrastructure maintenance system by helping to migrate data to a new and more effective data center.

And finally, Centida helped the company to read and interpret the data to make more objective decisions. As a result of this process, a substantial part of the low to negative profitable customer contracts were terminated or their support moved to lower cost countries.


Following the successful execution of the solutions offered by Centida, the Company X’s data processing times dropped by up to 20 times. This led to a much faster cycle time and earlier reporting, which in turn resulted in users getting two extra days to work on data analysis before the company’s monthly management reviews. The more time to audit and analyze data meant the better decisions were made.

If you have similar issues that the Company X struggled with, feel free to get in touch with Centida. Our experts can help you to overcome these and similar challenges in the reporting process and help your company grow.

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