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VIDEO: DAX Calculate Function

by | Jun 28, 2020 | Video

In this video, we’ll continue learning more about DAX and will look into the function CALCULATE, which is probably one of the most important and widely used DAX formulas in Power BI.

The CALCULATE function evaluates a given expression or formula under defined filters. The syntax of the function is following:

CALCULATE(<expression>, <filter1>, <filter2>…)

The expression part can be either another DAX function, such as SUM, COUNT, etc, or an existing measure.

Filters are simple logical data types, also known as Boolean values (TRUE or FALSE). For example, a filter can refer to the column city = “London” or the column year = 2020.

Excel users can relate the DAX CALCULATE function to Excel’s SUMIF or COUNTIF. Therefore, if you understand the SUMIF logic in Excel, CALCULATE should not be hard for you.


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