Toyota Ukraine enhances digital tools with Microsoft

by | Dec 1, 2020 | News

To improve its digital tools and data management processes Toyota Ukraine integrated Microsoft Dynamics 365, Teams and Power Platform.

Toyota Ukraine is the official distributor of Toyota and Lexus cars, as well as spare parts in the country.

The company has more than 35 dealerships across Ukraine. With the use of the Microsoft tools, Toyota plans to improve the data exchange between the back office and dealerships. One of the key issues in the past was manual reporting via email. This wasn’t an adequate way of sharing information in this day and age.

“To answer customers’ questions, dealership employees need to have the right information about the cars and spare parts at hand,” said Olena Gontar, the company’s Customer Relationship Strategy and Remarketing Manager.

Before the integration of Microsoft tools, the company manually sent reports via emails. This meant data was lost and incorrect by the time it reached report consumers.

According to Gontar, the company needed a “single space” in which both the back office and dealership employees could update data.

How Toyota Ukraine improved its processes

Using Power Platform, Toyota Ukraine has improved its internal processes. Now the company spends only a few days to prepare and exchange reports. Automated workflows and dashboards help people to better analyze and access data on a mouse click.

According to Gontar, the company automated more than 15 groups of business processes so far.

Lastly, the company migrated its supply chain management to the cloud. With the help of the Microsoft partner company OntargIT, Toyota Ukraine implemented Dynamics 365.

The use of SharePoint Online improved file storage, moving it to the cloud. Now dealers from all across country can access all the information they need right away.

“The power of the cloud allows us to have a smooth and seamless supply chain process of our goods, helping dealers improve customer service and satisfaction,” explained Georgiy Asadchy, Chief General Manager of Finance and Administration at Toyota Ukraine.

Previously, the company collected their data manually on the paper and then someone had to be enter it into the system. With the new tools, workers can add inputs online, which speeds up time and allows dealerships to serve customers faster.

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