Tableau is Working to Create Racial Justice Data Hub

by | Oct 17, 2020 | News

In the wake of global protests against police brutality and calls for racial justice, Tableau is working to develop the Equity Data Hub. The tool will provide everyone, who wants to fight for social justice, with appropriate data and analytics.

The data hub is currently in the development stage. The software vendor is expecting to roll out a beta version before the end of 2020. As part of the project, Tableau is working with racial justice organizations, such as PolicyLink and the Urban Institute.

“The systemic inequality and racism that still exist in so many arenas is something we must address. And I firmly believe this is one area where Tableau can, and should, contribute uniquely [with] data.” said Adam Selipsky, CEO of Tableau, during the company’s virtual user conference earlier this month.

Tableau backs up great ideas with data

The central objective of the Equity Data Hub is to provide the data about racial inequality. This will help people, who work to bring positive changes, to back up their ideas with the numbers.

“Data can influence change at every level, from local governments to federal agencies, businesses and community organizations,” Selipsky added.

Social justice activists have some information, but it may be disparate and come from many differentm unstructured sources. Tableau wants to bring all the data together and make it actionable. The company wants to use its first-class expertise in data management and analytics.

“Many people working to drive racial equity are frustrated by the disaggregated, incomplete, inconsistent data they must wrangle. There simply is no central repository for that kind of data, and that is a significant hurdle.” CEO of Tableau said.

A structured and centralized data hub can have a powerful effect and potential to drive the social change. In the case of fighting for racial justice, Tableau’s data hub can visually demonstrate the many barriers that the people of color face. This, in turn, can help to bring changes in the society and at different government levels.

With the proper data set, the society can understand the current situation. Then we can work to build solutions to remove existing inequalities, making the world a better place for everyone.


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