Power BI Mobile Gets a New Update

by | Aug 19, 2020 | News

Last week, Microsoft released the latest version of Power BI Mobile.

It was back in March, when the tech giant introduced a number of new features to Power BI Mobile. In the new update, the Power BI team focused on improving user controls.

And the new release has exactly that. Developers improved navigation experience, updated headers and the “pinch and zoom” feature to all mobile report layouts.

There is a new Navigation tree component that allows users access the location hierarchy of data. Users can now find items in a hierarchy and do it in one click.

Furthermore, in the new navigation system, which replaced the “Hamburger” menu, there are now direct routes to get quickly to the home page. The developers put report pages entirely under the new navigation menu. According to them, the new navigation will make swapping report pages quicker.

Other key additions include new report headers, dashboards, and the introduction of a new “Share” action. The latter tool allows users to share links from items in apps installed on their mobile device. This is similar to how the sharing function works in mobile apps in general.

Lastly, Microsoft has brought the “pinch and zoom” feature to all report layouts. This is quite helpful for those using smaller screen devices.

The Power BI Mobile is a key tool for decision makers, who are more often on the go and need to quickly access insights from their mobile devices. The new update tries to make this easier for users. This can help to be more productive and collaborate in real-time.

With the growing need of using mobile BI, vendors are incorporating the mobile versions into their solutions.

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