Russian Truck Manufacturer KAMAZ Introduced Power BI to Improve Quality Control

by | Nov 30, 2020 | News

Looking at the legendary Russian heavy-duty truck, KAMAZ, one may not necessarily think of business intelligence (BI). Indeed, KAMAZ trucks are all about raw power, rough looks and reliability. Under all operating conditions, be it the Arctic tundra or the African desert, KAMAZ trucks are always on the go. And now KAMAZ has gotten even more power with BI.

However, turns out KAMAZ has another, a more intelligent side to it. This month, the company finished the integration of Microsoft Power BI. With the BI tool, the company wants to improve its business processes and management’s decision-making.

The department of quality control at KAMAZ introduced the so-called manager’s monitor using Power BI. From now on, the company’s managers will be using dashboards to quickly get insights, identify negative trends, and find better solutions. Subsequently, product managers, business process owners and deputy quality directors have access to the business intelligence tool.

“The information in the manager’s monitor is accurate and demonstrates the high-priority indicators to the company’s management in real-time. So, you get to see the complete picture of the company’s performance,” a KAMAZ corporate report said.


With Power BI, the company plans to improve its performance down the road. The company prides itself on providing their trucks with the highest-level of quality. That being said, the company’s ability to monitor, visualize processes, quickly implement changes and make better decisions will be big factors.

The KAMAZ group of companies covers the entire truck manufacturing cycle from design, manufacturing, sales and servicing of products. People outside of Russia may know KAMAZ trucks for their unbeatable record in off-road truck races. Since 2000, KAMAZ vehicles won in the annual truck class competitions 16 times.

And now with the introduction of Power BI to its quality control processes, the Russian trucks might become even more reliable.

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