EU Uses Power BI to Visualize Election Results

by | Dec 8, 2019 | News

Politico Europe is using Power BI to show voters across the EU the insights of the 2019 EU Parliamentary election.

Politico Europe is the European edition of the US media giant Politico.

The company has created a new platform, Poll of Polls. The platform aims to reveal EU citizens how their voting (and non-voting) affected the results of the past election. To do that the platform has interactive data visualizations built with Microsoft Power BI. These reports show a detailed analysis of the voting process within each of the EU’s member states.

“In countries where turnout is notoriously low, like some Eastern European countries, it didn’t take many votes in May to shift a Member of the European Parliament and to have her lose a seat or win a seat,” said Etienne Bauvir, director of BI at Politico Europe.

Politico wanted to show how even a single vote can impact an overall result, especially in smaller countries.

By using Power BI journalists are trying to help voters to digest more easily the results and analysis of the election. Politico is using BI to make the company’s message stronger, making politics more accessible and transparent for everyone.

During the next election, the new platform will help voters to see the election in a more meaningful way. People will be able to better understand where the election is headed, where do parties stand in real time, and how voting rates compare across all 28 members.

The Power BI reports on the Elections hub are one of the first projects Politico and Microsoft are developing together. Next month, Politico and Microsoft are planning to launch new content formats that bring discussion about the future of the EU to new and existing readers.

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