Ukrainian Oil and Gas Giant Deployed Office 365 and Power BI

by | Oct 4, 2020 | Articles

The leading Ukrainian oil company, Ukrnafta, improved work processes and efficiency by deploying Power BI and Office 365 cloud services.

The company launched Microsoft services among its more than 40 oil and gas production and refining units across Ukraine. This benefited to more than 3,000 employees.

Before the deployment, the company’s 10 main oil and gas units, as well as about 30 supporting facilities worked separately from each other. Each of these units had their own accounting systems, different unit catalogs, IT and other services. All of this meant there was a lot of extra manual work. The company felt this pain when trying to consolidate the enterprise-wide processes and reporting.

Ukrnafta’s digital transformation with Office 365

To fix this, five years ago, Ukrnafta decided to pursue digital transformation. They partnered with SoftwareOne to consolidate the infrastructure and deploy Office 365 across the company, said Vladimir Krasotin, Director of IT at Ukrnafta.

Upon deployment, the next step was to teach everyone to use the new tools. The company’s project team planned a series of online staff training using the Teams software. After learning to communicate via Teams, the employees later learned SharePoint, OneDrive and Power BI, among other tools.

According to Krasotin, the implementation of Office 365 was especially helpful during the COVID-19 lockdown, as some of the company’s staff was working remotely.

“Employees from different departments told and demonstrated specific examples of how Teams, SharePoint, and Power BI technologies help them in their work,” Krasotin said.

The digital transformation has proved successful. Right now, Ukrnafta’s employees are actively using Office 365 tools. Close to 90% of employees use Teams daily, and in general, 95% of employees use Office 365 services daily.

With 24 drilling rigs and 537 filling stations, Ukrnafta controls more than 60 percent of the oil and gas market in Ukraine. The company’s network includes ten main oil and gas production units and up to 30 support units.

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