London NHS Trust Implemented Power BI to Improve Data Analysis

by | Sep 26, 2020 | Articles

The East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT), a unit within the UK’s publicly funded healthcare system, implemented Microsoft Power BI. With the leading BI tool, the organization plans to improve its data management processes and analytics.

Using Power BI, ELFT wants to enable quality improvements using Statistical Process Control (SPC) charts. After that, the outcomes of these charts can provide near real-time advanced analytics.

Cloud2, a UK-based Microsoft partner, implemented the BI tool at ELFT.

“By plotting data over time in SPC chars, ELFT can quickly monitor variation, identify what is normal, what needs further attention and predict future performance,” Cloud2 said.

Earlier, Cloud2 and ELFT held a webinar to demonstrate the capabilities and best practices when using Power BI. The idea is that ELFT decision-makers will use the analytics tool to get better insights. As a result, they could understand in which areas they should focus to improve work.

Customized charts in Power BI

Standard Power BI tools could not deliver SPC chards. That is why, Cloud2 customized the technology and came up with 10 different, tailored charts.

“These are the only charts available that deliver operational, trust-wide capabilities for delivering SPC,” Sohal said, as cited by the Record technology magazine.

SPC is a quality control system that uses statistical methods to monitor and control a process or production. SPC tools ensure the processes operate efficiently and help teams to monitor their behavior and discover internal issues. As a result, the team can find appropriate solutions quickly. ELFT used the SPC method to processes in which product meeting specifications outputs can be measured. Some key tools in SPC are run charts, control charts, various diagrams, a continuous improvement process and the design of experiments.

ELFT has 14 directorates, 6,000 employees and around 500 individual, measurable fields of criteria to benchmark performance. As a result, monitoring, controling and reporting data across the organization is a huge challenge. Hopefully, Power BI can be a tool to solve all these issues.

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