Distributing COVID-19 Vaccines With Business Intelligence

by | Feb 3, 2021 | Articles

Under the current global situation vaccines provide light at the end of the tunnel. If vaccines are successful, we will have a chance to get out of the devastating COVID-19 pandemic.

With the introduction of COVID-19 vaccines, the key question now is to provide quick and equitable access to these vaccines. The objective is to vaccinate as many people as possible, starting with the most high-risk individuals.

To effectively manage this task modern big data and analytics solutions can come into play. This is the moment when analytics can display its true power and help humanity.

Microsoft COVID-19 Vaccine Management Platform

Last month, Microsoft rolled out Vaccination Management platform for government and healthcare institutions. The platform enables registration capabilities for healthcare providers and patients. It can also manage vaccination scheduling, provide better reporting using dashboards with analytics and forecasting features.

“It is imperative that implementations be delivered on time and customized to meet the needs of every government and healthcare customer. As much as possible, newly introduced technologies should integrate with existing systems of record to keep workflow changes and costs to a minimum,” said David Rhew, chief medical officer and VP of Healthcare at Microsoft.

Using cloud, AI and business intelligence (BI) solutions, the platform provides actionable insights. All of these tools help government and healthcare institutions to make informed decisions.

System C, UK’s health and social care software company, for example, launched a national vaccination program using Azure and Power BI. The company uses these tools to report the real-time data about the vaccination progress.

Another successful example is the State of Minnesota that built a public dashboard in Power BI. With the dashboard, the state government keeps the public informed about vaccine distribution, tracks available doses in real-time, and the number of residents vaccinated.

Since the pandemic, the industry has seen a surge in demand for real-time data. Experts predicted that organizations will further accelerate the implementation of BI and analytics in 2021. If these tools can prove to be helpful in the fight against the virus, their role will be even more powerful.

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