Centida Partners with Aimplan to Improve Planning in Power BI

by | Jul 3, 2024 | Articles

Centida is pleased to announce a new partnership with Aimplan, a software company from Sweden specializing in planning and forecasting solutions. Aimplan enhances Power BI by adding a writeback capability to a data source, transforming Power BI into an integrated tool for reporting, planning, budgeting, and forecasting.

Implementing Aimplan with Power BI

Aimplan is a cloud-first, high-performance solution built specifically for Power BI. It connects to over 170 data sources and uses your existing Power BI data model without needing a new one. This simplifies implementation.

Integrating Aimplan with Power BI is straightforward. First, add the Aimplan planning and reporting visual to a Power BI report. Then, place the visual on the canvas and include fields from your data model. Next, configure the visual, add the Aimplan access token, and enable Input mode to store data in the target table. Finally, customize the data entry grids to suit your needs, enhancing user experience and accuracy. This setup allows for real-time data entry, writeback capabilities, and updates directly within Power BI.

Main Features of Aimplan

Seamless Data Integration: Aimplan connects with over 170 data sources, ensuring your planning models use the most current and accurate data. This wide range of connectivity means you can integrate data from various systems, databases, and APIs. Consequently, your data management process is streamlined, enhancing the reliability of your planning and forecasting.

Streamlining Planning & Budgeting with PowerBI & Aimplan

Real-Time Data Entry and Writeback: Users can input data directly within Power BI. Updates are stored in a central database, ensuring that all data is up-to-date and readily available for reporting and analysis. The writeback functionality allows users to make adjustments within Power BI and see those changes reflected in the underlying data systems. This reduces the lag time between data entry and decision-making.

Aimplan Planning and Reporting Visual

Scenario Modeling: Businesses can create and compare different future scenarios within Power BI. This feature helps them prepare for various outcomes and make informed decisions based on comprehensive data analysis. Scenario modeling allows for quick adjustments and assessments of potential impacts, providing a flexible planning environment

Cloud-First and High Performance: Built specifically for Power BI, Aimplan ensures high performance and scalability in the cloud. Its cloud-first approach means it is always accessible and can handle large volumes of data efficiently.

How you can benefit from our Aimplan partnership

Centida’s partnership with Aimplan brings significant enhancements to your reporting, planning, and forecasting capabilities, allowing you to achieve your business goals more effectively.

Enhanced Flexibility and Power BI as a Two-Way Street: Aimplan transforms Power BI from a reporting tool into an interactive planning solution. This makes Power BI a two-way street where you can not only analyze data but also enter and update information directly within the platform. The writeback capability allows for greater flexibility in managing financial and operational processes. As a result, you can capture manual input data, make necessary adjustments, and store it in a central database without leaving the Power BI environment. This flexibility ensures that all planning activities are integrated and coordinated, providing a unified approach to business intelligence and planning

Optimized Workflow Efficiency: With Aimplan integrated into Power BI, you can experience a smoother, more efficient workflow. The automation of data entry and reporting processes significantly reduces the time and effort required for manual tasks. By embedding Aimplan’s planning and reporting visuals directly into Power BI reports, you can input data and see real-time updates. This seamless integration means that you spend less time on data consolidation and more time on strategic activities. Additionally, the ability to customize data entry grids further streamlines operations, ensuring that the workflow is tailored to the specific needs of your business

Improved Decision-Making: The integration of Aimplan allows you to make quicker and more informed decisions. Aimplan’s scenario modeling capabilities enable you to simulate different future scenarios and immediately see the impact of changes. This real-time feedback is invaluable for strategic planning, allowing you to assess various possibilities and adjust your strategies accordingly. By leveraging accurate and up-to-date data, you can react swiftly to market dynamics and operational challenges. This enhances your strategic agility and ensures that decisions are based on comprehensive data analysis

By integrating Aimplan into our service offerings, Centida provides you with a powerful toolset that enhances your ability to manage financial and operational processes more effectively.

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