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Self-Service BI had Special Place at Community Summit Europe 2020

by | Jul 7, 2020 | Articles

The Community Summit and Extreme365 Europe took place last week.

The summit brought together the Microsoft Business Applications community to share learning, knowledge and best practices delivered by the experts in the industry.

Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the event was held virtually. Although the attendees missed out on networking opportunities and delicious Catalan food under the Mediterranean sun, when it came to learning the online format was probably more effective, as one could attend many sessions scheduled one after another without having to leave a room.

I was tuning into Power BI-themed sessions and they have been value-packed.

With things getting tough in the economy, for many companies the use of modern BI tools is becoming the difference between success and failure. And Microsoft Power BI is definitely one of these tools.

Although some believe that Power BI is simply a visualization tool, something that “draws beautiful graphs better than Excel”, as I was told a few times, Power BI is so much more than that.

It is a “whole business intelligence tool”, as Ana-Maria Bisbe, a BI consultant from Madrid, said during her presentation.

She went through the different stages of a BI project, showing how to extract data from different sources, explore, transform, and model data using Power BI’s powerful M and DAX languages.

What is more, users can now apply embedded AI capabilities in Power BI. Machine Learning integrated functions in Power BI can help solve a variety of complex business problems, save analysts’ precious time by providing automatic report summaries, show accurate forecast and even pick out customer sentiments from reviews.

The educational sessions and trainings at the Community Summit are proving that modern self-service BI is made for everyone. This is no longer the realm of IT specialists and other computer whizzes. Various business users, including finance staff, marketers, operations managers, and executives can quickly learn how to use modern BI tools and solve their issues quickly.

Modern BI has made it possible for business users to control their data, build interactive visualizations, uncover insights, fit their brands, and improve storytelling to cater to the needs of their customers better than ever.

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