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Power BI Dashboard Helps Companies Check on Remote Employees

by | Apr 23, 2020 | News

With businesses around the world adapting to the remote work environment during the COVID-19 pandemic, Microsoft came up with a new Power BI dashboard, which helps companies to gain insights on the productivity of their workers.

The Business Continuity Dashboard for Power BI uses Microsoft’s Workplace Analytics solution to track and analyze employee behavior. The dashboard can show insights, such as a percent of employees who are still connecting with their colleagues, whether supervisors are connecting one-on-one with their team members and how often they’re doing that, and which teams experience difficulties maintaining external collaboration.

Knowing the level of granularity Power BI can offer, companies can use a lot of valuable information about their teams.

To start using the dashboard, users need to connect two pre-built queries, Hourly Collaboration and Business Continuity, to a new Business Continuity template. After using the two pre-built queries to populate a company’s dashboard, it is possible to customize the queries, making it more fitting to your organization’s needs and requirements.

One needs the latest version of Power BI and have analyst privileges for Workplace Analytics to set up the dashboard. As all Power BI dashboards, results get refreshed every week.

It looks like the Business Continuity dashboard is not built for the general workforce within a company, but possibly for HR executives and business leaders. The dashboard highlights in which parts of an organization the new working conditions disrupted efficiency and are having the largest impact. This can help business leaders to come up with numbers and actual figures, instead of opinions and “he said, she said” type of arguments, to help business processes to support and develop better ways of working.

To find about more about the dashboard and read a step-by-step installation process, please follow this link:

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