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Google Enters BI Market With Buyout of Looker

by | Feb 14, 2020 | News

Google completed a $2.6 billion buyout of the big-data analytics firm Looker Data Sciences on Thursday, February 13.

Although the deal was initially announced last summer, Google had to wait for the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority’s (CMA) to clear the acquisition.

“Together, we’re excited to offer customers a comprehensive analytics solution that integrates and visualises insights at every layer of their business,” said Thomas Kurian, chief executive of Google Cloud, following the announcement of the deal.

Looker is business intelligence (BI) software and analytics platform that helps users to explore, analyze and share analytics without having to write complex scripts. The Looker BI tool offers strong visualization abilities, complete with real-time analysis.

Over the years, Looker received generally positive reviews from users, who pointed out its ease of use, ability to customize dashboards and visualizations, and LookML, a SQL-based modeling language, which allows analysts familiar with SQL to control and manage data in a more meaningful way by placing them in colorful and easily-readable graphs. One of its cons has been its relatively high price compared to other competitors.

In the self-service BI market, Looker directly competes with the two giants of the BI world, Microsoft Power BI and Tableau.


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