Using IF Function in DAX

Using IF Function in DAX

Watch our short and simple explanation of using the IF function in DAX. The IF function checks if a given expression is true or false, and returns one value when it’s true, otherwise it returns a second value.

VIDEO: using CALCULATE function in DAX

In this video, we’ll continue learning more about DAX and will look into the function CALCULATE, which is probably one of the most important and widely used DAX formula in Power BI.

VIDEO: Creating the Calendar Table in Power BI

We recommend using the Calendar function: TableName = Calendar ([Start Date], [End Date]).

If you don’t know the start and end dates in your model, one solution is to use functions MIN and MAX inside the Calendar function.

VIDEO: Append Multiple Excel Files From One Folder

When a new month report comes out, many still use a manual method by copying and pasting the new month data into one big Excel master file. To speed up the process and reduce manual errors and typos, Power BI’s query editor comes as an effective solution.