Cloud Brings Advanced Analytics to Everyone

Cloud Brings Advanced Analytics to Everyone

In the past, companies had to spend thousands of dollars just to make sure they can start using advanced analytics that required strong hardware requirements and computing power. In the recent years, the democratization of the cloud increased the adoption of advanced analytics across different industries.

Consultants’ Perspective on Why BI Projects Fail

According to a survey provided by the BI Survey website, the top 5 most serious problems that consultants come across are poor data quality (32 percent), company politics (26 percent), lack of interest from business users and poor data governance (21 percent), and administrative problems (19 percent).

Hiring Smart: BI in Human Resources

With a BI software onboard, HR managers can not only use its data analytical capabilities to enhance recruitment and assess employee performance, but also encourage better communication and collaboration within a company.

Data-Driven Marketing With BI

“Precision beats power and timing beats speed” – Conor McGregor.

The article looks into how marketing departments can boost their productivity and generate better leads using BI tools.

Seven Things to Have for Successful BI Project

This article will focus on reasons why BI projects fail at such a high rate and what companies could do to avoid falling short. Find out seven things that a successful team should do to successfully implement a BI project.

How Low-code Tools Are Changing BI Landscape

The rise of low-code / no-code tools is making BI accessible to more users. The lowering of data science and IT skillset entry barrier expanded a pool of potential users and led to the evolution of citizen data scientists.

Powering Up Supply Chain Management With BI

The true power of BI is about providing detailed information and actionable insights. When SCM managers know all the small details of their supply chains, they can improve operations and customer service, reduce costs and get better deals with logistics vendors.

ETL vs ELT: is market shifting toward ELT?

ETL vs ELT: is market shifting toward ELT?

With the development of data lakes and ELT, some analysts began predicting the market’s shift from ETL toward ELT. In this article, we look at two data integration methods and discuss whether ELT will replace ETL.

Why migrate from on-premises environment to cloud

Why migrate from on-premises environment to cloud

Although most companies keep their data in traditional on-premises environment, the cloud deployment rates are steadily rising. This has been especially true since the COVID-19 pandemic when more companies had begun to embrace the cloud.