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Ukrainian Oil and Gas Giant Deployed Office 365 and Power BI

Ukrainian Oil and Gas Giant Deployed Office 365 and Power BI

The leading Ukrainian oil company, Ukrnafta, improved work processes and efficiency by deploying Power BI and Office 365 cloud services. The company launched Microsoft services among its more than 40 oil and gas production and refining units across Ukraine. This benefited to more than 3,000 employees.

Five Future Trends in BI

The BI market is booming with new products, options and capabilities. Experts are predicting a large growth in the industry over the next few years. In this article, we’ll look into five major trends developing in the industry and try to analyze how BI will continue to transform businesses across the world.

What to Look for When Choosing a BI Consultant

A skilled BI consultant will help you to figure out your needs, analyze requirements, properly implement a solution and, if needed, provide further support. Let’s take a closer look at the qualities you should seek in a BI consultant.

Consultants’ Perspective on Why BI Projects Fail

According to a survey provided by the BI Survey website, the top 5 most serious problems that consultants come across are poor data quality (32 percent), company politics (26 percent), lack of interest from business users and poor data governance (21 percent), and administrative problems (19 percent).

Hiring Smart: BI in Human Resources

With a BI software onboard, HR managers can not only use its data analytical capabilities to enhance recruitment and assess employee performance, but also encourage better communication and collaboration within a company.

Data-Driven Marketing With BI

“Precision beats power and timing beats speed” – Conor McGregor.

The article looks into how marketing departments can boost their productivity and generate better leads using BI tools.

Business Intelligence Helps Merchant Acquirers to Attract New Clients

Business Intelligence Helps Merchant Acquirers to Attract New Clients

With rising competition and things rapidly changing in the payments industry, leading acquirers no longer serve just as a link between merchants, card issuers and payment schemes, but are quickly introducing additional value-added services to attract new clients. One of such useful extra services provided by banks and other acquirers are business intelligence (BI) based analytical platforms.