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Business Intelligence Helps Merchant Acquirers to Attract New Clients

Business Intelligence Helps Merchant Acquirers to Attract New Clients

With rising competition and things rapidly changing in the payments industry, leading acquirers no longer serve just as a link between merchants, card issuers and payment schemes, but are quickly introducing additional value-added services to attract new clients. One of such useful extra services provided by banks and other acquirers are business intelligence (BI) based analytical platforms.

Howard Dresner: Now is Time to Double Down on Data

Howard Dresner, founder of Dresner Advisory Services, said now is the time “to double down on data,” and pointed out two major trends of 2020 – cloud migration services and AI features, like natural language processing (NLP).

Dataflow: Sharing ETL Processes in Cloud

Using Dataflow one can create ETL processes in a cloud and other users can see them right away. This immediately solves the problem of having multiple versions of same tables and datasets in different PBIX files.

Self-Service BI: Barriers of Deployment and How to Overcome Them

Self-service BI gives business users opportunities to run their own queries, analyze data, build reports, and focus on insights that are most relevant to their lines of business. The best part is that business users can do all these things with minimal efforts from IT departments.

However, before companies rush into BI deployment projects, they need to make sure that a few important requirements are met.

BI May Help Companies During Post-COVID Recession

When the world emerges out of the pandemic, businesses will have to embrace changes in how they operate, get rid of some of the least effective practices and focus more on business intelligence (BI) and analytics to stay afloat.

Easy data management with Power Query Editor

Power Query is an extremely powerful tool, which can make our work a lot easier and faster. Instead of wasting your time doing monotonous tasks in Excel, you can spend more time analyzing data and finding insights.

Cloud Brings Advanced Analytics to Everyone

Cloud Brings Advanced Analytics to Everyone

In the past, companies had to spend thousands of dollars just to make sure they can start using advanced analytics that required strong hardware requirements and computing power. In the recent years, the democratization of the cloud increased the adoption of advanced analytics across different industries.